CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders

    CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders

The new CNT material, CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders is the composites of carbon nanotube (CNT) threaded with nano-size metal beads. These can be mixed uniformly at the molecular level with different materials. The key feature of the products is molecular mixing with other nano-powders. The fundamental nature of agglomeration of carbon nanotube is overcome by the carbon nanotube’s chemical surface treatment and subsequent formation of nano metal along the CNT. The final structure looks like a necklace made with CNT thread and nano metal beads.

CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders have two special characteristics of carbon nanotubes and metal that can find synergy effect to use in various applications. The existing technology is sintering metal and carbon nanotubes that could not consolidate, however our innovative technology solved the problem.


Maximize Surface Area through CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders
It can be functionally used as fuel cell material and secondary battery’s electrode, for the hydrogen storage materials at fuel cell and etc.

Uniformly dispersed CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders
It is the product that uniformly dispersed that shows excellent property and better uniformity as a whole than the existing physical composition of CNT and metal powders.

Nano Metal Bonded to CNT
The Size of the metal particles bonded to dispersed CNT from CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders is uniform and the metal particles are bonded as sphere form.

CNT/Metal ratios

CNT- Metal Nano Composite Powders consist metal (cobalt, copper, nickel, titanium, etc.) and carbon nanotubes. The standard ratios are: 93%, 85%, 70%, 50%, and 30% metal contents.

* Note. The CNT/Metal ratios can be synthesized upon customers’ requests.

Technical Support and Ordering

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Materials for Electric Applications:
  • Field Emission Display
  • Field Emission Lamp
  • Back Light Unit
  • Electrode in fuel cell
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding
  • Biosensor
Materials for Matrix Composite Applications:
  • Oil-less bearing
  • Tool steel
  • Parts for vehicle
  • Bulletproof materials
  • Light weight weaponry and armament
  • Light weight & high strength CNT-reinforced metal matrix composite, etc.
Recently in the field of utilizing CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders in application of electron emitter and field emission display is widely and actively researched throughout the world. There is a great expectation that PDP (plasma display panel), LCD (liquid crystal display) and FED (field emission display) will be mainly entering the market in the next high-tech informative generation follow by display, CRT (cathode ray tube). Especially, FED will be the next generation display since it is High Definition, High Efficiency and Low Electric Power consumption and the core technology of FED is the process technology of the Emitter tip as well as its stability.

CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders has high potential for its application in the field of high strength composite materials, magnetic storage materials, electromagnetic interference shielding materials, parts of vehicle, bulletproof material and unlimited fields.

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