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    AccuBeadTM Silica Coated Magnetic Beads

Recently, many of bio related institutes and industries are approaching their research applying Magnetic Beads. They use this material either from cell test experiment or DNA purification for disease monitoring as well as developing the treatments. The Magnetic Beads are with appropriate functional group the surface of magnetic beads. With the functional group, magnetic beads DNA, RNA, protein and specific cell, and then external Magnetic field, moved for isolation.

Magnetic Beads are a highly efficient tool for nucleic acids purification

  • DNA/RNA affinity to Magnetic Beads (Uniform disperse super-paramagnetic particles) is used for separation
  • Magnetic Beads are mixed with naked DNA/RNA in salt-containing buffer
  • DNA/RNA is bound to Magnetic Beads co-aggregately
  • By magnetic separation, highly enriched DNA/RNA preparations are obtained in the matter of minutes
  • Magnetic Beads is highly suitable for automation since it requires no centrifugation, vacuum filtration procedures

  • Features

  • Sizes of Magnetic Beads are 1 - 5
  • Uniform Disperse Size Distribution of Magnetic Beads
  • Sphere Form of Silica coated Magnetic Beads
  • Excellent Efficiency of DNA/RNA Purification
  • Rapid Purification Method using Magnetic Beads.

  • Applications

  • Magnetic DNA/RNA Purification
  • Magnetic Protein Separation
  • Magnetic Antibody Separation
  • Magnetic Cell Isolation

  • DNA/RNA Purification Application

    First, get the sample to work on Lysis reaction and then put Magnetic Beads to combine decomposed DNA together with Magnetic Beads. Fix Magnetic Beads with external Magnetic field to wash the solution and then elute DNA or RNA from Magnetic Beads. Using Magnetic Beads to use in purification is much faster to separate DNA compare to an existing method.

       Figure 1. The steps of DNA separation by silica coated magnetic beads

    Electrophoresis Results of purified DNA

    Figure 2. Electrophoresis image of amplification of purified genomic DNA by silica coated magnetic beads

    Comparison of viral RNA Prep Kit Quality

    Figure 3. Comparison of viral RNA Prep Kit Quality using WHO HIV-1 working standard (PWS-1,2,3) serums(Q1, Q2: Q company, B1, B2: Bioneer)

    Legal statement

    'AccyBeadTM Silica Coated Magnetic Beads technology' is covered under Korea patent application 10-2008-0013545 and its corresponding international patent application.

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