CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders

    AccuSEPA™ CNT-Ag Coated Virus Filter

AccuSEPA™ is specifically designed for the high-efficiency removal of viral particles from drinking water. The CNT-Ag material allows for a very small pore size (~10 nm), which is suitable for filtration schemes such as water-borne virus removal, preparation of virus culture media, filtration and purification of biological fluids, filtration of protein and enzyme solutions and other aqueous solutions. Filtrate, including viral particles and other macromolecules accumulated by the AccuSEPA™ filter are retained via physical mechanism. AccuSEPA™ filters over 99.99% of 28 nm polio virus, giving it an Absolute rating of 0.02 microns. AccuSEPA™ is optimized for aqueous solutions at pH 6 ~ 8.


  • Pore size is less than 0.020 um
  • Suitable for removal and separation of water-borne viruses
  • Fast, accurate and low-cost removal and separation
  • High-quality, high-efficiency virus removal

  • Applications

  • Virus removal from drinking water
  • Separation and recovery of viruses from aqueous solutions
  • Secondary filter for capturing viruses, bacteria and organic material
  • Purification of beverage solutions
  • Deployable in a biochemical filter scheme for protection against malicious water supply contamination

  • Legal Statement

    AccuSEPA™ virus removal filter development technology' is covered under Korea patent application 10-2009-0026356, 10-2010-0005932 and its corresponding international patent application(PCT/KR2010/001869).

    CNT-Ag Membrane for Water Purification

    Figure 1. CNT-Ag Membrane filters Norovirus and Enterovirus from contaminated water, but mineral components are passing over the membrane.

    FE-SEM Image of CNT-Ag Composite Material

    Figure 2. FE-SEM images of CNT-Ag composite material used in AccuSEPA™. Yield of synthesis is 70% (by weight). Silver particles are deposited onto CNT strands uniformly.

    Flow Rate Comparison

    The surface of the AccuSEPA™ filter is treated with a proprietary process to improve flow rate. The treatment yields an increase in flow rate of up to 50% compared to non-treated filter material.
    Figure 3. Flow rate comparison of AccuSEPA™ with and without treatment.

    Virus Removal Test

    Figure 4. Results of Coxsackie and Polio virus removal test. The average size of Coxsackie virus is 30nm and Polio virus is 28 nm. Filtered water through the AccuSEPA™ was analyzed by real-time PCR.

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