CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders

Application Testing of CNT-Metal Composite

Field Emission test & BLU Prototype made of CNT-Co

Figure 1. Emission pictures of CNT-Co composite. The CNT-Co composite was synthesized with Thin Multi wall CNT and Cobalt metal shown electron emission characteristics from CNT tip. The test conditions were 500uA/cm2 of current density and 4.3V/ס of electrical field.

Figure 2. Field Emission properties of CNT-Co Composite: (a) I-V curves of 60 vol% CNT-Co and 30 vol% CNT-Co composite field emitters, (b) Table of turn-on field and current density for comparison with other research group's results. These images are shown by courtesy of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology)

Figure 3. Prototype of BLU(Back Light Unit). Electrical fields are 8.75V/um and 18.75V/um, respectively.

Bearing Ball sintered of CNT-Cu Composite

Figure 4. Bearing Ball picture made of CNT-Cu Composite and mechanical properties plot of various CNT contents in CNT-Cu composite. Bearing Ball made of CNT-Cu has shown the result of 3 times greater strength in yield strength and 2 times greater modulus in elastic modulus than properties of Copper itself. These images are shown by courtesy of KAIST

DTA Result of CNT-Ag Composite

Figure 5. DTA(Differential Thermal Analysis) result of CNT-Ag composite. The silver nano particle boned at CNT shows melting point at 150E due to 20nm size of silver nano particle. CNT-Ag composite can be applied to conductive inks and emitter tips.

Polymer Composite made of CNT-Al and Epoxy Resin
Following image is dog-bone shape specimens of epoxy resin and CNT-Al composite for measurement of mechanical properties as method of ASTM D638. The Table 1 Shows that epoxy composite resin made with CNT-Al results in 1.7 times greater strength in tensile strength and 3 times greater modulus in Young's modulus than properties of epoxy resin itself.

Figure 6. Tensile test specimens of epoxy resin and CNT-Al composite for measurement of mechanical properties.

Table 1. Mechanical Properties of Pure Epoxy and CNT-Al/Epoxy Resin
Test Sample Tensile Strength Young's Modulus
Epoxy Resin 84 MPa 1.08 GPa
CNT-Al/Epoxy Resin 146 MPa 3.21 GPa

PET film printed with CNT-Ag

Figure 7. PET film printed with CNT-Ag paste and increased temperature to 150℃. The temperature lasts 2 hours for melting of silver nano particles on Carbon Nanotube. Electrical conductivity of CNT-Ag printed on PET film is 2.5x10-2 S/cm

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