CNT-Metal Nano Composite Powders

    AccuSilverSolTM Silver Nano Colloid

Silver Nano Colloid has effective anti-bacteria and general sterilization capabilities. Silver Nano Colloid itself has a superior thermal conductivity and an electric conductivity. Silver Nano Colloid will be mixed with heat transfer media that gives greater efficiency for heat transfer. The conductive inks produced by Silver Nano Colloid can be used not only for existing printing circuit plate but also for PET film to print circuit by ink jet printer.


  • Uniform Size of Silver Nano Particles
  • High Conductivity of Printed Silver Nano Inks
  • Excellent Adhesion on Polymer Film at Low Temperature
  • Safe, Non-Toxic and Environment friendly
  • Inorganic Anti-bacterial Function

  • Printable Conductive Inks

    If Silver Nano Ink is used, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) antenna can be printed in product package polymer wraps. Since circuit is printed out using Silver Nano Colloid that can be replace existing copper sheet antenna. Printable Conductive inks are not only used for RFID, but also used for radio identification antenna in traffic card, electric magnetic interception and various display panels. Printable Conductive Inks are used throughout electronic industries.

    Silver Nano Fluid

    Nano Fluid can be made by mixing Silver Nano Colloid either with cooling water or other heat transfer media. Nano fluid made with Silver Nano Colloid has shown the result of 20% greater efficiencies in heat transfer. Generally, in order to increase efficiencies in heat transfer from mixing Silver Nano Colloid, the particle size about 5nm of Silver Nano Colloid is adequate.

    Anti-bacteria, anti-fungus and deodorization

    Currently, most of Silver Nano is used for anti-bacterial and deodorization. Silver itself is widely known as anti. The test result has also proven that Silver Nano Colloid has greater efficiencies in anti-bacteria, anti-fungus and deodorization.


  • Electric Conductive Inks
  • EMI Shielding
  • Printed RFID Tag Antennas
  • Conductive Painting Materials
  • Anti-bacteria, Anti-fungus, Deodorization
  • Nano Fluid Media

  • Anti-bacteria Test

    It shows that Silver Nano Colloid has anti-bacterial capability to E.coli, S.aureus and S.typhimurium as following pictures respectively:

    Manufacturing Plant for Silver Nano Colloid

    BIONEER has four of 6,000 liter reactors manufacturing Silver Nano Colloid on a large scale at low cost. The facilities are shown in the following pictures:

    Legal statement

    'AccuSilverSolTM Nano Colloid technology' is covered under Korea patent 10-0763036 and its corresponding patents.

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